Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Test Plates

The first brief of the second term was to set up a table for eight people based on a revolution of our choice. This was a group brief and we had to include evidence of at least glass, metal and ceramic work, with the opportunity to add other materials if we decided it suited our designs.

Our group decided on the Chinese Revolution of 1949 and we brain-stormed a lot of initial ideas for our table setting, but the best way to see what works was to just get making!

This is a glass plate I made as an experiment of slumping over kiln paper. I cut the Chinese symbols out of the kiln paper and placed the glass over the top where I wanted it to go. I used two pieces of glass to make it thicker and between the two panes I placed "egg shells" (very thin glass shards in the shape of eggshells), which I thought were clear but when the piece came out of the kiln they had turned this brown colour which I'm not too keen on. Really like the effect of the Chinese symbols though :)

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