Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Embossed Porcelain Bowls

These bowls were made for our table setting. I had embossed Chinese patterns into the porcelain and then slumped them over different sized and shaped moulds, the intention being that they could all fit nicely into the hands.

When it came to glazing the bowls I chose a Celadon glaze (pale green and typically found on Chinese tableware), Copper Red and Titanium (White).

I used every combination of glaze on the bowls and overlapped them- partly for experimentation and partly because I really like the loss of control and uncertainty of how they will turn out.

Where I had embossed the print, the glazes were supposed to pool and pick up the detail. However, this didn't seem to happen as well I was expecting and I was quite disappointed but the textures are still nice.

The bowl below has started to pick up the detail of the pattern quite nicely. Also like the dripped glaze effect here.

A few close ups of the textures...

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