Friday, 23 April 2010

Finnish Glass Workshop

We had a workshop with a Finnish glass lecturer in February, and she taught us some brand new techniques to consider for our new brief 'Portrait and Identity'.

The method involved painting onto fire blanket with specialist glass enamel and placing a pane on top of the fire blanket which would fuse to the glass once in was fired. Above was my first attempt with just a single layer, and it eas supposed to be a fleshy colour but instead it decded to turn a horrible brown!

We then tried a two-layer and a three-layer piece, which was more difficult than I initially thought because you have to remember what you did on each layer and try to match it up with the others. I really like this two-layer piece, and I decided to engrave into it after it had been fired just to give it some further detail and depth.

This was my three-layer piece which I am not too keen on, because it didn't come out how I expected it to. Still, I loved the workshop and it definitely taught me a different technique I would never have tried otherwise.

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