Friday, 21 May 2010

Smashed Glass Bacon Faces!

For our recent Portrait and Identity brief, I chose to look at Francis Bacon's portraits, and generally work towards something abstract, maybe so abstract that only I knew what was actually being represented. These pieces were a part of this process.

I had drawn directly into wet plaster with the intention of making as many marks as possible, but keeping a certain image in mind: my take on a Francis Bacon Portrait.

When the plaster moulds were dry enough, I then filled the moulds with a smashed glass and coloured frits (deer brown, aqua and cobalt blue).

In parts I also added some copper and brass wire, following the lines I had drawn into the plaster, and trying to keep the original images in tact .
To add some rigidity I also placed some larger pieces of glass on the top and fired them like this.

The Result!

I was totally unsure of how the pieces would actually turn out and whether the would actually hold together after the firing... but they did! I am really pleased with the result of these pieces, love the colours and the way they catch the light. This one is my personal favourite...

and here are a few close ups...

I also turned the pieces around and surprisingly they work this way too. The colours are much more subtle and I think they give a really nice effect.

Also, I love how the original image is not immediately evident.. the distinguishable facial features have been distorted so much during the process that they are no longer present.

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