Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Glassline Chalks

Here are a few experiments I did with my new glassline chalks- chalks specifically designed for drawing on glass. I was really excited about these, because I love creating textures on the surface of glass, and these chalks seemed like they would create the perfect effect for my work. They have to be used on sandblasted glass so that the chalk has something to grip.

I had a white chalk and a grey chalk, as well as black and white glassline pens (literally a pen for glass!). The brief we were doing at the time was 'Inspiration', and so I chose to draw some pieces of work I was looking at for the brief, and therefore work that inspired me.

I have included a photo of the piece before it was fired, as well as the images I was inspired by and used for a basis:



David Flower

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